Taylor Ross

Parenting Consultant


Taylor is a Parenting consultant, non-violent parent educator, speaker, workshop leader, and social-emotional coach who specializes in helping children, families and communities build and repair healthy dynamics by providing a safe and empathetic environment while helping clients integrate an understanding of:

  • Child and brain development
  • Building a culture and language that honors human feelings and needs
  • The importance of the strength and nature of the attachment relationship
  • Aggression, counter-will, rupture, and repair
  • The relevance of parental/caregiver self awareness
  • Stress and mindfulness
  • Setting developmentally appropriate limits
  • Shifting the adult/child dynamic from control to connection
  • Practicing nonviolence
  • Trauma , loss and resilience
  • Age appropriate approaches to challenging conversations

Taylor Ross’ passion for supporting the emotional wellbeing of families has led her to seek a unique variety of trainings. She is a U-Mass Boston Infant-Parent Mental Health graduate, has certificates in Buddhist Psychology and Meditation, and Non-Violent Parenting and Education. She is in her third year of Somatic Experiencing Trauma Training and has been trained in Mediation and Parenting Coordination.

Please note that Ms. Ross is not a psychotherapist and does not have a degree in counseling or psychotherapy. Rather she is an expert and coach in the realm of parenting.