The Developing Mind

Relationships and Neuroscience

"The more neuroscience progresses and the more we learn about the intricacies of the brain, the more we come to understand how important interpersonal relationships are to shaping our experiences of the world around us by changing the neural networks of perception, emotion, and social experience. This book helps to illuminate the emerging field of interpersonal neurobiology, and explain how important not only our early relationships were in shaping who we have become, but the importance of meaningful relationships in continuing to shape our brain throughout the lifespan. Included in these important relationships is the therapeutic relationship, which can offer space and time to allow a meaningful interpersonal relationship to positively impact our life, and allow us to experience the world differently - even as we age into adulthood."

- Amanda Saragusti


Mating In Captivity

Relationships and Identity

"Esther Perel talks about the tension in long term romantic relationships between the desire for closeness and deep knowing, and the desire for mystery and novelty. This books explores our desire as human beings for experiences of meaning, vitality, and renewal and how this impacts our romantic relationships. However, I also believe she is speaking to aspects of human experience that every person contends with, even within themselves as individuals - a desire to feel fulfilled and alive, while also wanting to experience security and groundedness. Despite living in an age of technology that promotes contact with others, we often find ourselves feeling disconnected and lacking experiences that lend themselves to a sense meaning, vitality, and contentment. This book helps to explore ideas so relevant for many in contemporary societies, and to get an idea how we can begin to understand the frustration and discomfort we experience as a result of these modern day dilemmas. "

- Amanda Saragusti


Intuitive Eating

Eating Disorders

"Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch is one of my favorite reads for anyone who has struggled with their relationship with food and eating. It really does help the reader reconnect with what they were born knowing—when they are hungry and when they are satiated. It is especially helpful in breaking away from all of the 'rules' people learn about eating that are mostly unhelpful and often about ignoring basic wants and needs."

- Lauren Harb


The Normal One

Relationships, Siblings, Identity

"Psychologist, Jeanne Safer, draws from interviews, her clinical experience and her personal experiences to explore what it’s like to grow up with a sibling who is “difficult.” I believe this book can be so validating for anyone who has grown up as the “normal” or “healthy” one in the family."

- Lauren Harb 


Advice Not Given: A Guide to Getting Over Yourself


"Epstein integrates psychoanalysis with Buddhist ideas through stories from his work as a therapist and his personal life.  He outlines how change happens by relating to our thoughts, fears, and feelings with honesty and vulnerability."

- Kate Tepper 


On Kissing, Tickling, and Being Bored

Compassion and Kindness

"Why can kindness feel so dangerous? Phillips observes from several angles our frustrations and our pleasures involving connection and compassion."

- Kate Tepper


In Therapy

Therapeutic Process

"Find out what your therapist might actually think or what the process of therapy can be like with this book. The BBC Radio 4 explores the process of therapy by hiring actors to work with the 40-year-veteran psychotherapist, Orbach, to dramatize actual sessions. The results are in an intimate peek into therapy."

- Kate Tepper




Rational Thought, Neuroscience

"In Mindsight Dr. Siegel explains and teaches the capacity to see your own mind with awareness and compassion. Dr. Siegel lays out the fundamental mechanisms in the brain that are behind our thinking, feeling and behaving, weaving insights from contemporary brain science with practical applications for well being. For those loving rational thinking, Mindsight helps bridge the logic of the brain with the wisdom of the heart."

- Julien Fyhrie


The Wise Heart

Buddhist Psychology, Meditation

"Integrating eastern contemplative practices with modern psychology, Jack Kornfield describes how to harness the power of Buddhist traditions for daily living. Kornfield reveals lessons from his challenging personal journey connecting it with universal principles. The Wise Heart is engaging, powerful and practical; Kornfield includes several guided practices at the end of chapters to help you engage with the material on an intimate level."

- Julien Fyhrie


The Dance of Intimacy

Relationships and Intimacy

"This is a book about changing our role in patterns that get in the way of intimacy. Lerner first aims to broaden and deepen your understanding of “intimacy,” as issues in relationships tend to arise when we mistake “intimacy” with being liked or approved. In a desperate desire to keep others close, this pursuit often leads us to lose our sense of selves and cause distance and turmoil in our relationships. Addressing this paradox, “The Dance of Intimacy” helps you learn to balance separateness (the “I”) and connectedness (the “we”), enhancing your capacity for rich, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationships."