Justin Shubert, Psy.D., Ph.D.


Dr. Justin Shubert is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst. Justin is endlessly fascinated by how the mind works and helps his patients foster deep self reflection through compassion and direct feedback. For more about Justin's education and background please click hereAreas of specialty: anxiety, depression, relationships, LGBT issues, gender identity, sexuality/intimacy.


Kate Tepper, Psy.D.


Dr. Kate Tepper provides a warm environment where her clients can come to learn about themselves and grow. Kate has a background in fine arts and is especially interested in working with artists and creative professionals. She's also passionate about parenting and the issues that couples face as parents. For more about Kate's education and background please click here. Areas of specialty: couples, parenting, panic/anxiety, mindfulness.


Julien Fyhrie, LMFT


Julien Fyhrie, LMFT is interested in helping people make sense of their problems and life experiences so that they can compassionately and effectively make changes. Julien’s style is down to earth, authentic and grounded in an understanding of the importance of relationships. For more about Julien’s education and background please click here. Areas of specialty: anxiety, depression, men’s issues and relationships.


Shain Miller, Psy.D.


Dr. Shain Miller works with adults looking for meaning, balance, empowerment, and improved relationships. Trained in psychodynamic, relational psychotherapy, Dr. Miller provides a caring environment where her patients can integrate change, connection and insight in order to enhance self-awareness. For more about Dr. Miller's education and background please click here. Areas of specialty: trauma, relationships, life transitions, depression, anxiety, complex personalities. LGBTQ affirmative.


Negar Sarshar, LMFT


Negar Sarshar, LMFT helps empower her clients so that they can be agents of change in their own lives.  She works with adults in life transitions, and enjoys helping people who feel stuck or have visions within arms reach that never seem to materialize. For more about Negar’s education and background please click here. Areas of specialty: anxiety, depression, relationships, life transitions, identity.


Sophie Davis-Cohen, LCSW


Sophie believes we are shaped, known, and grow within relationship.  Trained in relational psychodynamic therapy, Sophie helps her clients explore their stories to facilitate meaningful transformation.  For more about Sophie’s education and background, please click here. Areas of specialty: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, creativity, emerging adulthood, life transitions, relationships


Roni Blau, LCSW


Roni creates an environment where her clients can get to know their “true” selves. With experience in psychoanalytic and group therapy as well as community mental health, Roni brings a broad range of clinical experience to her clients. For more about Roni’s education and background, please click here. Areas of specialty: depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationships, grief, trauma.


HR Naficy, M.D. 


Dr. Naficy is a warm and thoughtful, board-certified adult psychiatrist who uses medication, psychotherapy, lifestyle improvements, and holistic approaches to help creative and other professionals. Dr. Naficy completed his residency training at Harvard Medical School and the University of Pennsylvania, and holds a degree in Neuroscience and Public Policy from UCLA. He currently serves as Associate Clinical Professor at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. Areas of specialty: mood disorders, adult ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, creativity, identity, relationships.


Crystle Prung, Ph.D.

Psychological Assistant

Dr. Crystle Prung encourages exploration, self-acceptance, and curiosity to facilitate growth and transformation. She is committed to helping her patients reach their high potential and face life’s challenges through a collaborative relationship. For more about Crystle’s education and background click here. Areas of Specialty: relationships, eating disorders, body image, life transitions, depression, anxiety, identity.

Tyler Howard, Psy.D.

Psychological Assistant

Tyler strives to help clients maximize their strengths, self-efficacy, and connections. She draws from relational approaches and integrates mind/body techniques in her work with adults, adolescents, and couples. Tyler is a Registered Psychological Assistant who is collecting her hours towards licensure. She is supervised by Dr. Justin Shubert For more about Tyler’s education and background please click here. Areas of interest: trauma, loss, depression, anxiety, stress, relationships, identity, and LGBTQ issues.


Amanda Saragusti, Ph.D.

Psychological Assistant

Dr. Amanda Saragusti believes that through therapy we can deepen our knowledge of ourselves, and grow in ways that provide relief from the pain and distress we often encounter in relationships, with family, and during life changes. For more about Dr. Saragusti’s education and background please click here. Areas of specialty: anxiety, depression, relationships & couples, families, lifespan changes, and LGBTQ issues.


Dawn Tennenbaum, Ph.D.

Psychological Assistant

Dr. Dawn Tennenbaum works with adults and couples.  Within the context of a unique therapeutic relationship, she encourages patients to be deeply honest and explore thoughts, emotions, patterns, and experiences.  Her therapeutic stance is relational, warm and optimally challenging. For more about Dawn’s education and background click here.  Areas of interest: depression and mood disorders, relationships, loss, anxiety, PTSD and relational trauma, high-functioning adults, life transitions, and couples


Jessica R. Sardas, M.A.

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Jessica is engaged, reflective and feedback oriented. She provides an environment where people can get curious about themselves and learn more about how they interact. Jessica is particularly interested in working with the LGBTQ+ community and couples navigating non-traditional relationships. For more information about Jessica’s education and background please click here. Areas of interest include: gender, sexuality, intimacy, sex positivity, body positivity, creativity, identity, anxiety, perfectionism, difficult parental relationships, parents of LGBTQ+ children. 


Taylor Ross

Parenting Consultant & Educator

Taylor is a parenting consultant and educator in Northern California who provides consultation sessions via Skype to parents in need of help or education around their parenting practices. Taylor uses empathy, practical tools, and knowledge of the current research in infant-parent mental health and childhood trauma to help parents support their children and foster an emotionally resilient family culture.  For more about Taylor’s education and background please click here. Specialties: parenting.