Justin Shubert, Psy.D.


Dr. Justin Shubert values deep understanding alongside direct feedback in order to effect change. Justin is endlessly fascinated by how the mind works and has extensive training in psychoanalytic therapy. For more about Justin's education and background please click hereAreas of specialty: anxiety, depression, relationships, LGBT issues, sexuality/intimacy

Lauren Harb, Psy.D.

Associate Director

Dr.  Lauren Harb completed her training at UCLA, USC, Loyola Marymount, and Cedars Sinai. Lauren uses evidence-based treatments for eating disorders, anxiety and depression and enjoys working with adults, adolescents and couples. She believes that the therapeutic relationship is key to change. For more about Lauren's education and background please click hereAreas of specialty: eating disorders, self-esteem, engagement/weddings, anxiety, depression, identity

Kate Tepper, Psy.D.


Dr. Kate Tepper provides a warm environment where her clients can come to learn about themselves and grow. Kate has a background in fine arts and is especially interested in working with artists and creative professionals. She's also passionate about parenting and the issues that couples face as parents. For more about Kate's education and background please click here. Areas of specialty: couples, parenting, panic/anxiety, mindfulness

Richard Friedman, Ph.D.


Dr. Richard Friedman uses the relationship between himself and his clients to understand how the client relates to others. Through this process one can gain valuable insight in to his/her relationships and inner experiences. For more about Richard’s education and background, please click hereAreas of specialty: mood disorders, relationships, family difficulties, LGBT issues, severe and persistent mental illness

Natalie Ramos, M.D.


Dr. Natalie Ramos is a clinical psychiatrist trained in both medication management and psychotherapy. She takes an individualized approach to patient care, using a combination of evidence-based treatments and practical solutions to address each patient’s unique needs. For more about Natalie's education and background click hereAreas of specialty: depression, anxiety, gender, sexuality, self-esteem, problem solving, social functioning


Julien Fyhrie, LMFT


Julien Fyhrie, LMFT is interested in helping people make sense of their problems and life experiences so that they can compassionately and effectively make changes. Julien’s style is down to earth, authentic and grounded in an understanding of the importance of relationships. For more about Julien’s education and background please click here. Areas of specialty: anxiety, depression, men’s issues and relationships.