Psychiatry at Silver Lake Psychotherapy

Medication can be an important part of maintaining mental health.  In situations where depression, anxiety, or mood swings are debilitating, seeing a psychiatrist, who can prescribe psychotropic medication, will offer the best possibility for recovery. Dr. Amjad Hindi, our in house psychiatrist, works with patients to provide competent and empathic medication management. 


Dr. Hindi completed his medical and psychiatric training at the State University of New York Downstate in Brooklyn, NY, where he also worked as Director of Clinical Services and as a Clinical Assistant Professor. He developed a great interest in neuroscience as well as cultural manifestations in psychopathology through his academic work, which included studying the effects of various psychotropic medications.

Dr. Hindi's expertise includes treating patients with depression, anxiety, panic disorder, stress disorders, attention deficit disorder and psychosomatic medicine, where he is able to integrate total bodily health with mental and psychiatric function.

Dr. Hindi has dedicated the past 15 years to practicing an integrative and holistic approach to psychiatric care. He believes in the centrality of empathy in all forms of medical care, and works to understand patients on a personal level in order to provide a personalized and customized treatment. He has presented work at various forums such as the American Psychiatric Association, the Left Forum, and the Icarus Project.     

In 2016 he moved to California from New York to be with his family and is excited to be part of Silver Lake Psychotherapy’s mission to provide holistic and compassionate care.