Silver Lake Therapy

Women's Fluidity Group

Sundays from 3:30pm - 5pm
$40 per session

A safe space for women who identify with various places on the spectrum of sexuality.  

This group encourages exploration and empowerment. Regardless of who you're attracted to, you may feel the need to be seen, heard, and celebrated by your partners, family members, and society at large. This group provides a space to explore your stories. Issues we may touch on include: coming out, invisibility within the heterosexual and lesbian/gay communities, sex & intimacy, polyamory, gender identity and expression, and self love.  

This group will be led by Anais Plasketes, MA, MFT-I. If interested please email Anais at or call her at 334-524-9915.

Silverlake Therapy

At Peace With Food

Tuesdays from 6pm - 7:30pm
$65 per session

At Peace With Food is a semi-structured process and skills group for women who struggle to have a "healthy" relationship with food and their bodies. Skills taught are based on an Intuitive Eating model and will help group members learn to listen to their bodies, understand their eating behaviors, trust themselves around food, and reduce unhealthy cycles, such as extreme dieting and binge-eating. This group would be most helpful to those who struggle with eating and body image, but do not meet full diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder.

This group will be led by Lauren Harb, PsyD. Lauren has run over 15 groups at Cedars Sinai, USC, UCLA, and LMU, including both process-oriented and more structured groups for those with eating disorders. If interested, please contact Lauren directly at or 424-278-4030.